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Bad Weather Driving Tips

Driving on the road presents us with plenty of obstacles and challenges as it is, but we have no control over the weather. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you follow all safety precautions in advance. Certain areas are prone to hazardous weather and driving conditions, but you should be prepared for anything Mother Nature has in store. A little preparation in advance can not only prolong the longevity of your vehicle, it can also save your life. You should never wait until the winter season to get your vehicle fully inspected. If you live in areas where you have mountains that present sharp turns and other dangers, you might want to have your wheel aligned and checked thoroughly. It never hurts to be safe!

Here is a list of bad weather driving tips that you can follow to stay as safe as possible during those horrendous driving conditions:

● Be Prepared – A good driver is always prepared for any type of situation the road presents them with. You should always have the following items in your vehicle; jumper cables, windshield scraper, a blanket, flashlight, extra layers of clothing, bottled water, full tank of gas for long driving, and a fully charged mobile phone for emergencies.

● Full Vehicle Inspection – Do you remember the last time you had your vehicle inspected? You should definitely bring your car into a local mechanic to make sure everything is in full working order. Make sure the mechanic checks your brakes, steering wheel, lights, and tires. You should also have antifreeze in your trunk, with a spare tire.

● Brake Gently On The Road – Under no circumstances should you speed or drive fast during hazardous weather conditions. Always make sure you reduce your speed and abide by all traffic signs. Reducing your speed lowers your chances of locking your tires and losing control of your car. So, drive extra carefully and slow. You should also allow yourself extra space between the next vehicle, in case of an emergency braking situation.

At Roc Auto Body & Towing, we can provide your vehicle with a complete inspection and ensure that it receives a clean bill of health. We are the most reliable auto body and towing company throughout the Fremont area. We work with an all-star team of mechanics and emergency roadside operators that remain on call 24/7. Although we can never predict what Mother Nature has in store for us, we can certainly be fully prepared for it! Don’t wait until winter season, bring your car to our auto shop today!