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Tips for Buying Used Car

One of the very reasons why some people opt to buy a used car is it costs less and functions like a brand new one. Aside from that, there are several vehicle owners who bargain used cars that are still under a manufacturer warranty. With less stressful negotiation and affordable pricing, you can have a used car, packaged with great accessories and deals. However, just like buying a brand new vehicle, there are certain things that you have to take into account in buying a used car.

  • Choose your car and do your homework

Before the buying process, you have to make sure that you already know the type of car you want to have. If you are doubtful, find a lot of options in the internet. There are a number of websites that provide relevant information on used cars so make sure that you choose the right vehicle appropriate for your needs. These websites is a helpful tool in narrowing your search for finding used vehicles in your locality.

  • Know how much you can afford

To avoid unpleasant surprises, always consider your budget at the start of the buying process. If you are paying the car on the spot, you can have a lot of options, but if you are planning to take it through a loan, know how much you can afford to pay every month. Usually, there is a corresponding down payment for every loaned car so consider these expenses beforehand.

  • Ask the service history

Do not forget to ask the service history of the used car; its previous MOT certificates, records and other important data on regular servicing. If the owner or the seller cannot provide the history, ask the reasons why. Look also the consistency of the information provided. If you are in doubt, better look for another seller.

  • Ask for the V5C Registration document and MOT certificates

This document will let you know the registered keeper. If there are several keepers, it will also be documented in the V5C registration. If the seller is not the present keeper, you should ask the reason for selling it to someone else. However, if you can find in the document that there are several previous keepers, ask them when they purchased the car, the miles covered and the work that was done to it.

A vehicle that is more than three years old should have a continuous series of yearly MOT certificates. You can check the status and history of MOT through online or the agency responsible for the registration of the vehicle.

  • Check the Parts

You should not buy a car that has several dysfunctional parts. Check the general mechanical condition of the car through a test drive. If you think you are not expert on this, have someone who can check the parts of the used car one by one. Do not waste your investment by immediately deciding to purchased it. Always consider these options or tips in buying a vehicle.