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Fremont Towing Service

Roc Auto Repair & Towing is here for all of your towing needs in Fremont. Our customers consider us to be the premier towing provider in Fremont and here’s why: we are available for towing in Fremont 24-hours a day! We are available to tow your vehicles and provide auto towing in Fremont around the clock. What’s even better is that we are delighted to be able to provide you with a quote on the phone first, so you are fully informed as to the price of the service you require, before you commit. For the best, most reliable towing service in Fremont, your search begins and ends right here, with us!

Affordable & Authorized Roadside Assistance

Sometimes when you are on the move and the unexpected occurs, it isn’t a tow truck you need, but a car locksmith. But not just any car locksmith – you need the very best! That’s why we have a range of car lockout solutions in Fremont available for you.  You might have locked your keys in the car and need us to unlock your car, or cut a replacement ignition key because you’ve lost your car keys altogether. Which every car lockout situation in Fremont you find yourself in, we are happy to help!

24/7 Emergency Towing in Fremont CA

Look no further for the ultimate provider of quality 24- Hour Emergency Towing in Fremont.  Reputations are built for a reason and we are the premier supplier of 24-Hour towing in Fremont for good reason. We are unique in that our emergency towing services all come with our trademark fast response roadside assistance. We offer an all-night service with total 24/7 emergency towing support, which means that you will never be left stranded by us!

This means that no matter the time, day or night, you can give us a call for long distance towing in Fremont, heavy duty towing or flatbed towing. Thank goodness! But our services do not just end with towing. We also provide quality and professional car lockout services, and other forms of emergency roadside assistance such as when you need a jump start, have a dead battery, or need a flat tire changed. We also are happy to provide an Out Of Gas Service when your car runs out of juice. As if this wasn’t enough, we are licensed in accident removal and the maintenance of luxury and exotic vehicles.


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