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Wheel Alignment in Fremont

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Roc Auto Repair & Towing is proud to be a 100% locally owned, operated and run Fremont, CA business. We are totally committed to providing the very best in auto maintenance, repair, and towing across the city of Fremont, because we love it here just as much as you do! Call us any time of day or night, any day of the year and we promise to be at your side within 30 minutes of your call anywhere in Fremont.

Our professional and experienced team is skilled in all manner of vehicle maintenance and auto repair, including luxury and exotic cars.  We have some of the top auto technicians and mechanics in the East Bay working here at Roc Auto Repair & Towing. What’s more, you need an honest and reliable company to count on when you need it most.  That’s why we are here! We promise to always give you the highest level of service available, at a great price.

Keeping Your Car Going Straight

The proper wheel alignment of your vehicle is very important. It extends the life of your tires, provides significantly better gas mileage, a more comfortable ride, and makes your car safer. In addition to normal wear and tear, a minor accident, hitting a curb, or driving too quickly through a pot hole can cause your car to fall out of alignment.

Indications that you need to check your vehicle’s wheel alignment include:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Steering wheel vibrations
  • Vehicle drifting to one side when steering wheel is straight
  • Steering wheel is not centered when driving straight

Our experienced technicians have been specially trained in the use of our start-of-the art, computerized equipment to test and perform all of the necessary wheel alignments on your vehicle. This is essential for your driving safely, comfort, and efficiency.

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